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Message from the Lord: So much destruction comes. Cringe, daughter of Zion.

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Message received January 22, 2014. The Lord has been giving me messages almost daily since Christmas about an earthquake coming, so much destruction and so much death.

Please heed the warnings. If you are not saved, please say the Sinner's prayer, get baptised, get into the Word everyday and cling to the Lord. I really don't know how else you could ever be saved. Please remember, the Lord does not put all the same worth on the flesh that we, as humans do. He is not concerned as much to what others could do to the flesh as what He, himself, could do to your soul if you are not saved.

Whatever your sins are, they are already forgiven. Please accept this free gift from the Lord. He died to offer you this gift of salvation. Not because you are good and you deserve it, but because He is good. None other. None of us are deserving, we have all fallen short of the glory of God, but we accepted His salvation. We believed in Him when He told us. Because we accepted Him, and we believed in Him, He cleansed us. Himself. Not us. This is not a process that hurts when the Lord does the cleansing Himself.

Do not fear Him. Do not think you are an exception, and that He could never save you, not you, because you have too many sins. Well you're wrong. This was also true of all of us, yet He loves us, He accepts us and He transforms us. You just need to say Yes, Lord, I believe you and I accept this free gift. Please come into my heart, please change me, please transform me. Please guide me each day and please say by my side. Please get baptised. He has been stressing this very important step upon my spirit since last Summer.

I am not in the habit of writing things at the bottom of my videos. I can't look away anymore for the things that He is showing me, the messages that He is giving, the secrets that He is revealing.

Please, get saved. You only have one soul. You have a loving Father that wishes to preserve it more than anything, if you would only allow Him. And He asks nothing of you in return. Have you ever been given anything free in your entire life? I bet not. Well here is Love for you. Free. All He wants in return is that Love Him, and when we love someone, we extend them the benefit of the doubt and we believe them. He wants you to believe in Him. That He exists. That He died for you and resurrected for You. And that He is coming back.

Please be prepared. Somehow. In your bodies right through to the very depths of your spirit. If this is even possible. I don't know how we can ever prepare to see the things we are about to see because to begin with, I don't think our carnal minds can even fathom what is upon us. All I know is what He tells me. And shows me.

As best as you can, prepare.

God bless you all, brothers and sisters.

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