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A word from the Lord - My bride be a mother now

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My bride,
The time is coming where I Am to take My kingdom back from the rule of the prince of darkness. Know this My bride, that as I take My seat in My throne, there also is a seat at My side for you. This seat is now occupied by another woman. She claims to be queen and also is a liar. How does a queen come to be with out her king?

My bride, as I claim My seat, so must you claim yours. For this is your kingdom as well. Do not be surprised by these words I bring to you now, for I have told you of these things already. That all that is Mine is yours as well. It is time for you also to claim your seat as a queen given by the authority of her king, THE KING OF KINGS. Stand tall My queen, for the victory is Ours and this is Our kingdom.

Do not turn your back to your children as their wicked mother does so now. Yes beloved, they are your children as well. She has claimed them as her own and yet she is a cruel mother. She has spoiled them with evil intentions, filling them with sweets that rot their teeth. She has allowed them to grow fat so that they are burdened with their own weight, and she has emptied them of love so that they are bitter and lost.

Know how this hurts YOUR KING to see His children so violently abused. Love them now as I have loved you, for they are your children My bride and one day they will be a delight for you to hold in your arms. They are only victims of her cruelty and will be found not guilty of their trespasses. They have been enslaved and held as a prisoner in their own minds. For this reason they are not accountable before Me.

I tell you in advance that this will not be easy. They come from a dysfunctional environment. They are fragile and unpredictable. You must remain in My love to heal their wounds, for their wounds run deep. Their ability to trust will soon be ripped from them as their home begins to crumble before them and their own mother they have trusted is revealed as a harlot and a liar. They will be stuck between the lying monster of their past and the frightening truth in an unfamiliar place.

This is why you must take them into your arms and hold them, even as they lash out against you, call you a liar, and say that they hate you. Do not let this hurt you, for I tell you that they are just children and know not of what they do. They will be scared and confused. Your love that you have received from Me will heal them.

Their world will begin to crash before them and they will have no where to run. Open your arms to them, take them in and feed them warm soup that is easy to digest and comforts their souls. Heal their wounds and give them a safe place to rest. They may leave you many times and return to the broken streets which they came from. Chase them not, but keep their bed made for them and a seat for them at the table. Take them in as many times as they need and you will earn their love and respect. They will begin to bring you much joy and fulfillment in which you will be eternally blessed.

Beyond their shell is also a pearl as you have found in yourself. You must slowly make them aware of this for if you try to strip them quickly they will think that you mean to defile them. Show them how to slowly peal back the layers until they begin to feel the imprint of their own treasure and value.

Sing to them when they weep, tickle them when they pout, and play with them when they are restless.
This is healing for them and will be the foundation needed to build a much needed relationship and trust for you. They must come to trust you before they will return home.
Remain in My truth and My love. You are My queen and this is your kingdom. Do not let our children walk over you and know that their Father has given you authority over them. But you must also know to leave their discipline for their Father. It is your position to heal and to love.

I tell you again that this will not be an easy journey for you. When you feel yourself about to break and lose control, walk away and come to Me. I will heal you and restore you so that you may return renewed and ready to continue. You must learn to be gentle and comforting, strong and immovable, and ferociously protective all in the same moment.

I promise you, if this you can accomplish; they will begin to see that you love them because I love them and this will glorify Me. They will return home where they belong by the means of love and only love.

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