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Word from Lord: The Journey and The Destination

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My Child,

My delight is that you trust in me and I shall be unto you a wall of fire round about. I am your rampart and shield, nothing shall breach this covering for you are Mine. Greatly beloved are My obedient sheep, none can snatch you from My hand. My eye is firmly fixed upon you, blessings shall rain down to drench you in My outpouring of love. A new thing I do in the earth, My name shall be made known within you – this too is My coming. Lift up your voice and chorus “Hosanna to the King, glory to God in the highest” for I am mighty to save. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. I come to give life and that more abundantly. Make ready for your King for He rides upon the wings of the wind. Darkness has been My secret place but now I break forth in marvelous light for all to see, for I dwell in unapproachable light and your eyes have been veiled, who can know my fullness? No flesh can see the face of God and live but you know My Spirit well. It calls you unto Me to sit at My feet and attend to all the words of this life. Deep calls unto deep with groanings that cannot be uttered. I am your Fountainhead and the source of all things. You hear Me in the silence and you see Me in the dark.

I hovered awaiting an invitation. I entered as a mustard seed and I grew as I was tended. I blossom and spread out to fullness within your heart, this is the Kingdom. We two are become one and I paint upon you My desires, My very heart. You are My masterpiece and I love you with an everlasting love. When your vessel is rent and your light pours forth, all will see the treasure within. No longer will you be reviled, stricken, forsaken in their eyes, for this contains no truth. You are esteemed, blessed, beloved by the King Eternal. Then you will be able to comprehend the depths of My magnanimous love for you. I long to fill you with this love and perfect that which concerns you, for My mercy indeed endures forever and I shall not forsake the work of My hands. I am restoring all things and the greatest of these is love, for true love is perfection. Love is light and in it there is no darkness, no fear, I am this love and I am writing it upon your heart with the Living Word of God. I AM this too, the journey as well as the destination. Did I not claim to be the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the Author and the Finisher? I created all things and I hold them together. You shall know Me as I am – this comes soon. Living stones, written epistles, pillars in The Temple, sons of the Living God, kings and priests of the Most High, gems in My breastplate – My exceeding great reward, My tender and loving bride. My heart is on the way to call you by your name; My reward is with Me – stand ready for My call, oh beloved of Zion!

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